The Animal Symphony

The Animal Symphony




Have you ever caught your dog nodding his head to a bit of Bob Marley, or wondered if your cat scampering across the kitchen floor in time with Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring was just happy coincidence? Maybe your bunny rabbit twitches her tiny nose to the beat of The Chain by Fleetwood Mac? You’re not alone!

Chris Packham is on the case, with the help of composer Nitin Sawhney, to find out if animals really do have the capacity to recognise a melody. Using new research and consulting expert scientists, they study the responses of different species to a diverse range of musical styles, resulting in a triumphant composition by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, written to speak directly to the animals themselves.


Chris Packham leads an experiment that aims to determine the effect music has on animals, culminating in a concert orchestrated by acclaimed composer Nitin Sawhney.

Cast & Crew

Actor Chris Packham
Music Nature