Planet Earth II

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Series 2 - Episode 5 Grasslands

Mon 2 Dec 1pm - 2pm Eden
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Mon 2 Dec, 6pm - 7pm Eden
Tue 3 Dec, 4:40am - 5:30am Eden


There’s one of those frantic predator-prey chases in this episode, filmed from directly overhead, presumably from a helicopter.

An arctic wolf is chasing a caribou calf at 40mph across the tundra. There’s a dozen or so metres between them, the little caribou going flat out, but the wolf gaining slightly. Any stumble will be fatal but the little fella keeps bombing along, leaving the wolf eventually breathless and hungry, and leaving us pondering the virtues of speed versus stamina.

The theme here is grasslands, from the flooded Okavango swamp in Africa to the elephant grass of northern India. Look out for the bizarre jumping Jackson’s widowbirds and for one very tough buffalo.


Wildlife that inhabit the world's grasslands, areas that are struck by some of the most dramatic seasonal changes seen in the world. The programme features footage of Brazil's giant anteaters and Asian saiga antelope, as well as lions engaging in ferocious battles with buffalo in the flooded Okavango, bee-eaters taking advantage of elephants to help them catch insects, and caribou embarking on migrations across the freezing northern tundra, stalked every step of the way by predatory Arctic wolves.

Cast & Crew

Presenter David Attenborough
Executive Producer Michael Gunton
Producer Chadden Hunter