Series 2 - Episode 10 Crash



Well, it has been a busy time for Devon coroner Jane Kennedy (Claire Goose) – nine suspicious deaths to investigate in just over a fortnight. Just one more and she can put her feet up because this is the final episode in the current series.

A teenager dies in a car accident. Ellie’s known to both Jane and DS Higgins, which makes it doubly hard for them when they have to tell the girl’s mother that Ellie was actually the passenger. Someone else was driving. But the car had been wiped clean of prints, so they don’t know who the driver was. The results of the postmortem are even more baffling.


Jane is reconnected with an old school friend when she tries to find out who left a teenage girl to die after a car crash. Crime drama, starring Claire Goose.

Cast & Crew

Ellie Patterson Macy Nyman
Debbie Patterson Emma Handy
Judith Kennedy Beatie Edney
Jane Kennedy Claire Goose
Clint Holman Oliver Gomm
DS Davey Higgins Matt Bardock
Cath Lowe Kate Miles
Beth Kennedy Grace Hogg-Robinson
Megan Chapman Chloe Hannaford
Dean Lowe James Redmond
Alex Lowe Jack Loxton
Mick Sturrock Ivan Kaye
Nick Caldwell Stefan Healy
Director Ian Barber
Executive Producer Will Trotter
Producer Sandra MacIver
Writer Sally Abbott
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