24 Hours in A&E

Series 12 - Episode 3



The opening of 24 Hours is at pains to remind us that accidents can happen at any moment, but don’t panic – if you’re ensconced cosily on the sofa, RT in hand, you’re probably safe. Because what’s really perilous is, well, doing anything at all – as 80-year-old Frances found out when she embarked on a gentle bit of a gardening, only to fall three metres into her empty swimming pool.

Another arrival at St George’s is Ruth, 86, whose heart is beating three times faster than it should be. Doctors must bring her heart rate down quickly – not least because she has a cruise to go on. Also going nowhere fast are students Jerry and Sakille; Jerry was the designated driver on the way home from a party, but despite staying sober she crashed their car after falling asleep at the wheel.


The air ambulance is dispatched to collect Frances, an 80-year-old woman who fell three metres into her empty swimming pool while gardening, and has sustained a head wound that could have resulted in a life-altering bleed on the brain. Ruth, aged 86, arrives at St George's A&E with her heart beating three times faster than the normal rate. Doctors are concerned it may not be pumping enough blood around her body, and quickly prescribe fast-acting medication. Plus, students Jerry and Sakille turn up at the hospital after Jerry crashed her car on the way home from a party. While Jerry stayed sober to serve as the designated driver, she concludes that balancing a full-time job with her studies and a hectic social life might not be a sensible idea.

Cast & Crew

Director Martin Conway
Director Gemma Brady
Director Lucie Duxbury
Executive Producer Spencer Kelly
Series Producer Martin Conway
Series Producer Gemma Brady
Series Producer Lucie Duxbury
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