Secrets and Lies

The Racket

Series 2 - Episode 8 The Racket



The secrets surrounding the mysterious house in Mint Hill Drive are revealed, while Cornell edges closer to finding Kate's killer. Eric enlists Danny's help in unlocking Kate's second tablet and the information that it provides proves devastating. Drama, starring Juliette Lewis and Michael Ealy.

Cast & Crew

Det Andrea Cornell Juliette Lewis
Eric Warner Michael Ealy
Amanda Warner Jordana Brewster
Patrick Warner Charlie Barnett
Danny Kenny Johnson
Kate Warner Jordana Brewster
Neil Oliver Eric Winter
Melanie Warner AnnaLynne McCord
May Stone McNally Sagal
Det Ralston Brendan Hines
Det Felicia Sanchez Dawn Olivieri
Carly Sinclair Presilah Nunez
Director David Blass
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