The Affair

Series 3 - Episode 2



What is it you love about The Affair? The seductive escapism in imagining your own extramarital romp in a spectral Atlantic fishing town? Ruth Wilson’s resplendent head of hair? Seeing ER’s Abby Lockhart (Maura Tierney) once again thrust through a lifetime’s emotional upheaval in just one hour? Marvelling at how much Dominic West looks like an older Simon Barlow from Corrie? For me, dear reader, it is a combination of all four.

Last week’s series opener was a vintage offering, in that we spent the hour trembling in anticipation of when Noah might launch a body-blow at a person, tree, or passing car – but there was no sign of Alison, so expect to see her tonight, disquiet of expression, raising his toddler back in Montauk.


In a flashback to the previous year, Noah delivers a stern request to Helen, while in Montauk, Alison finds her worst fears have been realised.

Cast & Crew

Noah Solloway Dominic West
Helen Solloway Maura Tierney
Alison Bailey Ruth Wilson