Six Wives with Lucy Worsley

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Six Wives with Lucy Worsley

Series 1 - Episode 3



Poor Anne of Cleves, she’s little more than an unfortunate footnote in Henry VIII’s hideous marital odyssey. He rejected her outright as unattractive, the reason why he couldn’t perform to his full potential on their wedding night. But she had a lucky escape, she kept her head and secured a huge settlement.

In the final episode of Lucy Worsley’s jaunt through the wildly diverse experiences of the six wives, using dramatic reconstructions, we learn that Henry, two weeks after his marriage to Anne of Cleves is annulled, marries the very young Catherine Howard.

He’s an old goat of 49 and she’s just a teenager, so by current sexual mores it’s a grotesquely unsuitable union. In her role as mute maid, Worsley observes as Catherine confesses to adultery, is convicted of treason and beheaded.

The entire sorry saga ends with Katherine Parr, a clever woman who avoids death by sheer intelligence. And she outlives the monster.


The historian explores the fate of the last three wives of Henry VIII. First, Lucy witnesses Henry's doomed courtship with Anne of Cleves, with Henry successfully reneging on their marriage having claimed it had yet to be consummated. Two weeks later, Henry married teenager Catherine Howard, but an act of adultery with a courtier saw the young woman convicted of treason and beheaded. Finally, Lucy explores Henry's relationship with his last wife Katherine Parr, and how she managed to win Henry round despite their greatly differing religious beliefs. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Older King Henry VIII Richard Ridings
Anne of Cleves Rebecca Dyson Smith
Catherine Howard Lauren McQueen
Katherine Parr Alice Patten
Princess Elizabeth Madeline Power
Ambassador Karl Harst Carsten Hayes
Thomas Culpepper Wilf Scolding
Archbishop Cranmer Crispin Letts
Charles Brandon Andrew Greenough
Priest Leigh Jones
Eleanor Paston Sophie Roberts
Senior guard Tom Durant Pritchard
Henry Norris Nicholas Agnew
Director Russell England
Editor Amanda Baxter
Executive Producer Emma Hindley
Executive Producer Leanne Klein
Producer Ben Evans
Producer Katie Greening
Writer Chloe Moss
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