The Final

Series 12 - Episode 12 The Final



This has been a surreal season of The Apprentice. Not surreal in the sporting sense of “amazing” but in the sense of – well, a task that involved an intergalactic badger with a quiff, for instance, or the one where Dillon sang along with a pair of mermaids. Or there was Lord Sugar comparing Karthik to a trap door in a canoe. The teams haven’t yet been given lobster telephones, but it wouldn’t feel like a stretch.

In the midst of all that, we’ve seen plausible products. I’d give the gin brand Courtney came up with called “Giin” a try, for instance, though the one called “Colony” with a map of Africa on the label was less tempting. In any case, all that make-believe branding is over now, because the two finalists have to pitch their actual, real-life business plans. To help them, they choose previous firees. So former candidates get to break out and show their true colours, a bit like former hosts.


After 11 weeks of challenges that have seen the teams selling sweets, crowdfunding and becoming personal shoppers in a leading department store, the final two battle it out to go into partnership with Alan Sugar. Their final task is to launch their businesses and present their ideas to an audience of industry experts at City Hall, London. But they need help, so former contenders return to help each finalist as they come up with brands, devise campaigns and make TV adverts - which will hopefully be much better than the ones that both teams came up with in the jeans task several weeks earlier. Will the industry bigwigs like their ideas? And who will have done enough to convince Lord Sugar to pick them as his partner? Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Alan Sugar
Contributor Karren Brady
Contributor Claude Littner
Executive Producer Cal Turner
Executive Producer Tom Garland
Series Editor Paul Broadbent
Series Editor Claire Walls
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