Walt Disney - Part Two

Walt Disney - Part Two

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After the success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, things turned sour for Walt Disney. He was striving for recognition in mainstream cinema but the ensuing films lost money. And, despite his dream of the company being one big happy family, his workplace had become so soul-destroying that the disgruntled staff went on strike.

But Walt was always looking to the next innovation and, while his team slaved over Cinderella, he was obsessed with a miniature steam train. His wife recognised this as the seed of a new enterprise: a family amusement park, initially called Mickey Mouse Village. Seeing footage of Disneyland’s conception and construction is fabulous.


Documentary exploring the life, career and legacy of Walt Disney, making use of archive footage alongside interviews with his friends, colleagues and relatives to present a portrait of a ruthlessly driven animator and entrepreneur whose single-minded ambition allowed him to create a string of cartoon masterpieces that would define an entire industry. The second episode explores Disney's later years, as he made films such as Cinderella and Mary Poppins, and realised his dream project - Disneyland.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Mark Samuels
Producer Sarah Colt