St Julien

Series 2 - Episode 6 St Julien



You may still have your hands over your eyes after the shocking violence last week – keep them there, the scene is in tonight’s recap. At least I think it is, I still have my hands over my eyes and my fingers in my ears.

If you are able to emerge from your trauma, there’s more skittering between time frames as the mystery surrounding Alice Webster becomes more complex. Though after the previous episode, we perhaps have some idea of what happened to her, though not why.

As ever, though, the most powerful scenes are between Sam and Gemma Webster (David Morrissey and Keeley Hawes) as they sink beneath the weight of a soured marriage and a very angry son.


In Germany, the press descend on Eckhausen for a trial, when a seemingly vital piece of new evidence comes to light. Gemma receives a surprise phone call from Julien and finds a new purpose to help her break through her stupor. Julien's health is failing, but he is determined not to give up in the Webster case yet and, searching for a third suspect, he comes across a name that he recognises. Later, Matthew's behaviour becomes more and more extreme, culminating in a violent altercation with life-changing consequences for the Webster family.

Cast & Crew

Julien Baptiste Tchéky Karyo
Sam Webster David Morrissey
Gemma Webster Keeley Hawes
Brigadier Adrian Stone Roger Allam
Eve Stone Laura Fraser
Celia Baptiste Anastasia Hille
Nadia Herz Lia Williams
Alice Webster Abigail Hardingham
Matthew Webster Jake Davies
Kristian Herz Filip Peeters
Adam Gettrick Derek Riddell
Sara Baptiste Camille Schotte
Remy Giroux Fabrice Rodriguez
Pol Dir Engel Bernard Schutz
Ulf Adler Tobias Schonenberg
Axel Adler Stefan Schonenberg
Lucy Indica Watson
St Odila Nurse 1 Olivia Carrere
St Odila Nurse 2 Nathalie Rozanes
Police officer 1 Kristof Alexander
Physio Sarah Eisa
Hospital nurse Vincenzo de Jonghe
Director Ben Chanan
Producer Julian Stevens
Writer Harry Williams
Writer Jack Williams
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