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Series 2 - Episode 3



Tonight Niska — the synth with the blonde hair and attitude — is being tested to see if she has feelings. The authorities will only give her a fair trial (for the murder she committed at the brothel) if she can show emotion.

So they bombard her with stock images of cute babies and people holding hands and so on. But she doesn’t respond, explaining when pushed, “You want me to be more like a human? Casually cruel to those close to you, then crying over pictures of people you’ve never met?” Yep, the sarcasm circuits are working fine.


Athena arrives in the UK, and her tragic secret is revealed. Niska's consciousness assessments begin, and the Synths are forced to abandon their hiding place, while Mia shocks her friends by making a decision with serious repercussions. Karen returns to work, but her relationship with Pete is strained, and Joe starts to notice something strange about Sophie's behaviour.

Cast & Crew

Ginny Sophie Matthew
Dr Athena Morrow Carrie-Anne Moss
Gil Tim Ahern
Laura Hawkins Katherine Parkinson
Joe Hawkins Tom Goodman-Hill
Mattie Hawkins Lucy Carless
Odi Will Tudor
Niska Emily Berrington
Peter Keeley Aidan McArdle
Neha Patel QC Thusitha Jayasundera
Mia Gemma Chan
Max Ivanno Jeremiah
Hester Sonya Cassidy
Leo Elster Colin Morgan
Gavin Ian Burfield
Renie Letitia Wright
Toby Hawkins Theo Stevenson
DI Karen Voss Ruth Bradley
Tabitha Nathalie Armin
DI Pete Drummond Neil Maskell
Ed Sam Palladio
Astrid Bella Dayne
Martin Cosmo Jarvis
Hobb Danny Webb
Sophie Hawkins Pixie Davies
Danny Eric Kofi Abrefa
Dr Aveling Claudia Harrison
V. Chloe Wicks
Director Carl Tibbetts
Executive Producer Lars Lundstrom
Executive Producer Henrik Widman
Executive Producer Derek Wax
Executive Producer Chris Fry
Executive Producer Sam Vincent
Executive Producer Jonathan Brackley
Producer Paul Gilbert
Writer Charlie Covell
Writer Iain Weatherby
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