Will Britain Ever Have a Black Prime Minister?

Will Britain Ever Have a Black Prime Minister?


It’s a title that will have Chuka Umunna leaning forward hopefully, but the answers here aren’t encouraging. Actor David Harewood (of Homeland fame) gasps his way through “staggering” statistics on the hurdles facing the four per cent of Britons who are black — at school and in the workplace.

One piece of research suggests that black pupils’ exam results improve at GCSE because it’s the first time they are marked anonymously. “There is a barrier of discrimination and bias,” Harewood concludes.

And at 10pm, Black Is the New Black has telling reminiscences from famous black Britons.


David Harewood presents a documentary examining the obstacles that exist in British society that make it difficult for black people to fulfil their potential and rise to positions of power and influence. He examines some of the nation's biggest institutions, from top universities to the BBC to expose the factors that limit black people from advancing within the organisation. By examining statistics, he is able to calculate the precise likelihood of someone with his background ever leading a government.

Cast & Crew

Presenter David Harewood
Director Steve Grandison
Executive Producer Mike Radford
Producer Steve Grandison
Writer Steve Grandison