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The Streisand Effect

Series 1 - Episode 4 The Streisand Effect



Paper Boi deals with his online presence after meeting a man named Zan the night before who then proceeds to troll him on social media. When Alfred later confronts Zan, he discovers that he is a pizza delivery boy and has a foul-mouthed child accomplice. Meanwhile, Earn, struggling with money troubles, tries to make a little extra cash with Darius, which results in trading a samurai sword for a male Cane Corso dog.

Cast & Crew

Earnest `Earn' Marks Donald Glover
Alfred `Paper Boi' Miles Brian Tyree Henry
Darius Lakeith Stanfield
Zan Freddie Kuguru
Bro Tyree Edwards
Driver Ira Carmichael
Attendant Clark Harris
Some Dude Gregory Keith Grainger
Deshawn Cranston Johnson
Bartender Ralph Wilcox
Friend Brittany Level
Guy Nate Tong
Kid PJ
Farmer Danny Vinson
Crying Chinese Bro Talbott Lin
Director Hiro Murai
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