GPs: Behind Closed Doors

GPs: Behind Closed Doors

Series 4 - Episode 7



A baby with an exceedingly uncommon variant of Chromosome 3p-syndrome, an already-rare genetic condition, undergoes an operation to correct a heart defect. However, the procedure could mean a delay to his christening. Meanwhile, Joseph, a young bladder cancer patient, hopes Dr Mio Kwan will sign him off work following an operation to remove the offending cells. Plus, Susan worries a stroke may be behind her unusual headaches and facial numbness, but Dr Manj Tawana has another diagnosis in mind - Horner's Syndrome - which is caused by nerve damage to the area of the neck.

Cast & Crew

Director Richard Pepe
Executive Producer Jonathan Stadlen
Executive Producer Pat Doyle
Producer Rebecca Parnell
Series Director Miriam Ryan