Trouble 'n' Strife

Series 5 - Episode 10 Trouble 'n' Strife



Frank's stag night at the dog track has unforeseen repercussions when the lads win enough money to pay for a lavish wedding - but the groom-to-be can't resist placing one more bet. Jackie still can't accept the thought of her father marrying Rubes and tries her best to get it called off. Kerry believes she's pregnant - but her attempts to do the test keep getting interrupted, and a mystery woman turns up on the big day bearing unexpected news. Josie Lawrence guest stars in the final episode of the series.

Cast & Crew

Shirley Potts Josie Lawrence
Rubes Malone Lynda Baron
Frank Cosgrove Bernard Cribbins
Jackie Murphy Denise Welch
Kerry Jamil Shelley Conn
Tony Murphy Ricky Tomlinson
Emma Murphy Zara Dawson
Lyn Cooper Melanie Kilburn
Ryan Cooper Marc Jordan
Kate Cooper Finn Atkins
Nick Christy Rob Collier
Frank's wife Paula Wilcox
Vi Hughes Cherith Mellor
PC Jim Tully Matthew Devitt
Len Parker Stuart Organ
Cath Potts Demelza Randall
Stephen Martin Troakes
Helen Daisy Beaumont
Bingo Caller Gerry George
Director Simon Massey
Producer Joe Ainsworth
Producer Sharon Houlihan
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