The Best of The Graham Norton Show

The Best of The Graham Norton Show

Series 20



You have to wonder why any other television chat show host even bothers to turn up to work when you look at Graham Norton’s guest list. Take this week – Ben Affleck, Sir David Attenborough, Matt Smith, Claire Foy and Sting. Did someone say the word “eclectic”?

Affleck is in town to plug his latest film, the action thriller The Accountant (not the most promising title for an action thriller. Is he late doing other people’s tax returns?), while Foy and Smith are the stars – Prince Philip and the Queen no less – of the eagerly awaited Netflix series, The Crown. And the mighty Attenborough will talk about his second Planet Earth series.

As for Sting, he’ll be singing I Can’t Stop Thinking About You from his new album.


Ben Affleck discusses his action thriller The Accountant, David Attenborough talks about his BBC show Planet Earth II and there is music by Sting, who also joins Graham on the sofa. Plus, Claire Foy and Matt Smith reveal all about their roles as the Queen and Prince Philip in Netflix series The Crown.

Cast & Crew

Host Graham Norton
Director Steve Smith
Executive Producer Graham Stuart
Series Producer Jon Magnusson
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