The Big Bang Theory

The Dependence Transcendence

Series 10 - Episode 3 The Dependence Transcendence



After the initial excitement of working on their now Air Force-funded project, the boys are finding the reality a lot less glamorous. And a sleep-deprived Sheldon is a very grumpy Sheldon – until he takes his first energy drink. Oh dear.

Penny and Amy are the party girls this week, but when it’s geologist Bert throwing the bash (returning guest Brian Posehn), you may understand Penny’s apprehension.

Meanwhile, the two left-at-homes – Raj and pregnant Bernadette – spend time together. If you’ve wondered why the nesting instinct is not top of Bernie’s agenda, she now opens up on that score. Raj, again, proves a calming presence. But Bernie can be draining...


Tensions rise when the guys struggle to complete their Air Force project on time and are forced to work around the clock - leaving Sheldon fighting to stay awake. Penny and Amy attend a university gathering at the home of Bert the geologist. Raj learns Bernadette's true feelings about her pregnancy when he helps her to clear out the spare room for a nursery.

Cast & Crew

Leonard Hofstadter Johnny Galecki
Sheldon Cooper Jim Parsons
Howard Wolowitz Simon Helberg
Raj Koothrappali Kunal Nayyar
Penny Kaley Cuoco
Amy Farrah Fowler Mayim Bialik
Bernadette Rostenkowski Melissa Rauch
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