In the Rough

Series 1 - Episode 14 In the Rough



Allison reinvestigates a 10-year-old murder case, and finds that the man convicted was innocent. Worse still, he was framed by somebody she knows. Paranormal drama, starring Patricia Arquette as a woman plagued by visions of the dead.

Cast & Crew

Allison DuBois Patricia Arquette
Manuel Devalos Miguel Sandoval
Ariel DuBois Sofia Vassilieva
Bridgette DuBois Maria Lark
Joe DuBois Jake Weber
Marjorie DuBois Kathy Baker
Joe's dad Bruce Gray
Craig Paul Adelstein
Det Rickey Dean Norris
Owen Butler Evan Parke
Deborah Samantha Quan
Director Duane Clark
Writer Rene Echevarria
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