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Two Doors Down

Series 2 - Episode 1



If you're looking for light relief, you could do worse than sample (or revisit) this sour-edged sitcom, first shown on BBC2.

Our love-to-hate characters in suburban Glasgow – almost grotesques but not quite – have a weird comic energy thanks to full-on performances from Doon Mackichan and Elaine C Smith, playing the Scylla and Charybdis of their neighbours’ lives: escape the horrors of one and you’re bound to get clobbered by the other. In their different but equally selfish ways, they set about spoiling a pleasant Sunday lunch.


Cathy and Colin have returned from a luxury cruise and seem strangely keen to persuade neighbours Eric and Beth to join them on their next trip - leading to confusion about their motives for asking. Christine wants to boast about her good fortune after receiving a PPI refund windfall and Beth is railroaded into holding a celebratory barbecue. Arabella Weir, Alex Norton, Doon Mackichan, Jonathan Watson, Elaine C Smith and Sharon Rooney star in the comedy exploring the best and worst of suburban family life.

Cast & Crew

Beth Arabella Weir
Eric Alex Norton
Cathy Doon Mackichan
Colin Jonathan Watson
Christine Elaine C Smith
Sophie Sharon Rooney
Ian Jamie Quinn
Jaz Harki Bhambra
Director Sasha Ransome
Producer Catherine Gosling Fuller
Writer Simon Carlyle
Writer Gregor Sharp
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