Planet Earth II

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Series 2 - Episode 3 Jungles



A jaguar, aristocrat of the jungle, pads softly through the tangle of vegetation by a riverbank. It’s a sight you could watch all day. Surely this is the chic-est predator of all – a killing machine styled by Versace.

And not to be messed with, either, because what’s this? Our jag slips into the water. He leaps and pounces and… we see what he’s hunting – a cayman? For a moment we can barely take in what we’re seeing. It’s like a face-off dreamt up by an eight-year-old boy (“Who would win in a fight between a jaguar and a crocodile?”). And although the sequence is all too brief, it’s heart-stopping, the kind of scene you watch a series like this hoping for.

The rest of the programme (about jungles) has its moments, too: look out for a very lovely Wilson’s bird of paradise, which tidies a forest clearing for its courtship display, and an ancient tree whose branches carry a thousand other plants.


Footage of plants and animals that live in jungles, one of the hardest environments to thrive in, including strange fungi and creatures that glow in the dark which have never been captured on film before. The programme also includes recordings of caimans and the jaguars that prey on them, freshwater dolphins that swim through flooded forests, undergrowth-dwelling frogs that have to defend themselves against wasps, and the Indri, the world's largest living lemur, which inhabits the forests of Madagascar.

Cast & Crew

Presenter David Attenborough
Executive Producer Mike Gunton
Producer Elizabeth White
Series Producer Tom Hugh-Jones