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Nobody Beats the Biebs

Series 1 - Episode 5 Nobody Beats the Biebs



Donald Glover’s loosely strung dispatches from the city of the title never disappoint. Just when you think the comedy drama is starting to ramble, you realise where it’s taking you – usually somewhere funny, dark and unsettlingly odd.

If I tell you that the first in a double bill of episodes includes a character called Justin Bieber playing in a charity basketball game, except this Bieber is African-American, you’ll get the idea. It also has a scene at a shooting range (with dopey sidekick character Darius) that blows a beautiful raspberry at gun culture.

The second episode is a sort of mini-play about old friends who have grown apart, but meet for a tense meal out. It’s like nothing else on TV.


A rival rapper steals the spotlight from Paper Boi at a charity basketball event, and Earn spots a chance to raise his professional profile when he is mistaken for someone else. Darius uses his free time to visit a shooting range.

Cast & Crew

Earnest `Earn' Marks Donald Glover
Alfred `Paper Boi' Miles Brian Tyree Henry
Darius Lakeith Stanfield
Janice Jane Adams
Valencia Joyner Paloma Guzman
Justin Bieber Austin Crute
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