The Secret Life of the Zoo

The Secret Life of the Zoo

Series 2 - Episode 1



We're back at Chester Zoo for more of the backstage tours that draw us into the lives of captive animals. Although it's a series that could be tailor-made for watching with children, bear in mind that this series-two opener largely revolves around breeding and it’s, er, pitfalls.

Watching a zebra stallion's chat-up technique – or lack of one – is entertaining, though, and there's more romantic comedy in the tale of two-toed sloth Rico and his standoffish companion Tina. She’s “the Marilyn Monroe of sloths” but won't deign to mate, so keeper Sam tries to coach them together. "It's a little bit like setting a room up with candles and Barry White," she explains.


Florence and Nadine, two of Chester's Grevy's zebras, are about to give birth, but other animals are struggling to produce offspring, including Iblis the Asiatic lion. Meanwhile, warthog dad Magnum is feeling the pressure of parenting as two of his older children, Dobby and Neville, are becoming increasingly hard to control, and Magnum is losing his hair with the stress.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Alistair Pegg
Executive Producer Edmund Coulthard
Executive Producer Sarah Spencer
Series Producer Martin Hicks
Documentary Nature