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Corporate Candy

Series 12 - Episode 3 Corporate Candy



“Lord Sugar, I took an executive decision…” a candidate tries to bluster tonight. It’s such tosh it makes Karren burst out laughing – not something we often see – because said candidate has been the most hopeless fluffball of dithering indecision ever to reign as project manager.

Each year there’s an Apprentice tradition of at least one floundering toff, and Nebula’s double-barrelled nitwit fits the role like a pair of bespoke plus-fours. Still, he’ll probably be fine because in the task of making and selling sweets his team has chosen that well-known crowd-pleaser, salt ’n’ vinegar fudge.

Luckily the other team has gone a bit Willy Wonka, too. With a management consultant who can’t do maths and a salesman whose response to messing up an order is to tell his customer “We went the extra mile…it’s a bit quirky”, all the executive boxes are ticked.


Alan Sugar has a sweet task for the candidates this week, as they make their own confectionery and sell as many as they can to corporate clients and to retail outlets in Brighton. But first he shakes things up by mixing the boys and girls and appointing the project managers himself. Then it's into the kitchen to come up with the treats, where one stressed candidate threatens to throw a spanner in the works, while the rest of the teams try to get as many advance orders as they can. On day two, the hopefuls sell their treats at the seaside, with varied success - and before long, the candidates are left squabbling on the seafront about lack of sales.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Alan Sugar
Contributor Karren Brady
Contributor Claude Littner
Executive Producer Cal Turner
Executive Producer Tom Garland
Series Editor Paul Broadbent
Series Editor Claire Walls
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