Series 1 - Episode 1



“The Valley of the Kings is all dug out… The game’s not worth the candle any more,” grumbles one archaeologist. “No one since the time of the pharaohs has seen an intact royal tomb,” sighs another.

Ah, but young Egyptologist Howard Carter knows better. And so do we, because hanging over every frame of this dusty, sun-baked saga is the knowledge that sooner or later Carter will stumble on the mother of all royal tombs and that game will be worth any number of candles.

In the meantime we breeze around the desert sands with Carter (Max Irons) and his unlikely patron, Lord Carnarvon (Sam Neill), a benign but amateurish toff who drives a nice old Rolls. Carter is oblivious to admiring glances from an American called Maggie because he only has eyes for antiquity. Then the First World War breaks out (“Some idiot kid just shot the Archduke of Austria!”) and all bets are off – for now.


Drama about the discovery of the Egyptian Pharaoh's tomb. Archaeologist Howard Carter is recruited in 1905 by aristocrat and amateur Egyptologist Lord Carnarvon to explore the Valley of the Kings, and discovers evidence of the boy-king's final resting place. However, his expedition is threatened by global events and his own impulsive nature. Starring Max Irons and Sam Neill.

Cast & Crew

Howard Carter Max Irons
Lord Carnarvon Sam Neill
Herbert Winlock Jonathan Aris
Maggie Lewis Catherine Steadman
Sir Gaston Maspero Vincent Grass
Selim Waleed Elgadi
Young Evelyn Chloe Sweetlove
Theodore Davis Anthony Higgins
Lady Carnarvon Susan Danford
Hamid George Jackos
Edfu Riaz Solker
Mace Leon Clingman
Flinders Petrie Rupert Vansittart
French duke Cedric Leherle
French lady Ashleigh Tobias
Street food seller Joe Vaz
Carnarvon's workman Gary Green
British lieutenant Shaun Acker
Director Peter Webber
Executive Producer Francis Hopkinson
Executive Producer Catherine Oldfield
Producer Simon Lewis
Writer Guy Burt
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