SAS: Who Dares Wins

SAS: Who Dares Wins

Series 2 - Episode 1



There's a moment in this gripping reality show sequel that will stop you in your tracks; a moment so utterly unexpected that even the shouty, battle-hardened SAS enforcers are reduced to contemplative muttering. It's a poignant pause in an otherwise full-on, and even for the viewer frankly exhausting, test of mental and physical toughness in the sweltering heat of the Ecuadorian jungle.

Twenty-five men are pushed by four SAS veterans to, and beyond, breaking point. Last man standing wins. But why is 44-year-old sales director Efrem Brynin there at all? His motivation will astonish you.


Chief instructor Ant and his elite team of directing staff return to put 25 new hopefuls through SAS recruitment tests, this time taking them deep into the Amazon rainforest for a unique version of the jungle phase of selection for the Special Air Service. From the minute they arrive, the recruits face gruelling psychological and physical exercises, tackling a terrifying bridge leap before they've even found their base, with the hostile environment, the altitude, the heat and the insects all taking their toll.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Colin Barr
Series Director Alex Kiehl
Series Producer Sophie Leonard
Series Producer Ruth Kelly