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Mountain Babies

Series 1 - Episode 3 Mountain Babies



High-rise living – by which I mean mountains rather than tower blocks – is a challenge for young animals who can barely stand on their own two (or four) feet. Because of course predators are always on the look-out for the weak and the slow.

So we see a wibbly-wobbly guanaco (a sort of llama) clumsily trying to stand, goat kids nervously peering down a sheer cliff face before taking the plunge and a young musk ox running for its life from a pack of hungry wolves. A speedy escape is not the only way to stay alive in the mountains, though: monkeys, in particular, have devised clever self-defence strategies.


Young animals growing up in mountain regions, including a guanaco calf that has to stand up while only a few minutes old and a musk ox hunted by wolves.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Gordon Buchanan
Executive Producer Vyv Simson
Series Producer Gavin Boyland