Advertising - Jeans

Series 12 - Episode 2 Advertising - Jeans



“What the hell is going on?” cries one of the women’s team. “We’re grown-up women and we’re acting like little schoolgirls!” The pressure of what Lord Sugar likes to call “the process” does that to people, reducing previously calm and (we assume) capable business folk to flailing fools.

As a result, Karren Brady gets to perfect her “acid reflux reaction shot”, where there’s a close-up of her looking as if she recently swallowed a dodgy oyster. Or, as one team leader describes a colleague, Karren’s “sitting there with a face on”.

The chaos also leads both project managers to public meltdowns of the kind that make us at home want to curl into a ball, shivering. Claude looks quietly amused.

The task that trips everyone up is to create a new jeans brand in two days. Both teams have tussles over who wears the trousers.


The contestants are summoned to the Istituto Marangoni school of fashion and design, where Alan Sugar tells them their next task is to create an advertising campaign for jeans made from Japanese denim. The candidates soon get creative, with each team splitting up to film the adverts and work on the rest of the campaigns - which is usually a sure sign of poor communication somewhere along the way. Sure enough, things soon begin to fall apart at the seams, and to make matters worse, the pitches to industry experts also threaten to be derailed by nerves and confusion. However, the biggest surprise is reserved for back in the boardroom.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Alan Sugar
Contributor Karren Brady
Contributor Claude Littner
Executive Producer Cal Turner
Executive Producer Tom Garland
Series Editor Paul Broadbent
Series Editor Claire Walls
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