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In Pulling and Catastrophe, Sharon Horgan co-wrote two of the filthiest and funniest relationship sitcoms we’re likely to see. But they were about the early stages of relationships – dating, sex, kids and the minefields in all of the above. Here she’s at the other end of things, as the marriage of well-off suburban New Yorkers Frances and Robert (Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church) runs into irreconcilable differences via some brilliantly bitter dialogue.

“We can’t even watch TV together because he repeats the jokes right after they say them, instead of laughing,” Frances complains at one point. Her self-absorbed friend Diane is not the best ally here, and triggers the marriage crisis by going hilariously nuts (with a gun) at her own 50th birthday. That scene is worth watching this for alone, but everything – performances, script, direction – points to another tart, sweary Horgan triumph.


Frances has an epiphany after a disastrous birthday party and reassesses her marriage to Robert. Sharon Horgan's black comedy, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church.

Cast & Crew

Frances Sarah Jessica Parker
Robert Thomas Haden Church