Judge John Deed

Evidence of Harm - Part One

Series 6 - Episode 3 Evidence of Harm - Part One



Part one of two. Deed reluctantly helps Jo by examining why funding for legal aid was withdrawn in the case of a soldier who committed suicide after being damaged by army vaccines. However, he risks causing a constitutional crisis when he decides the only way to win justice for the deceased's family is to accuse the original judge of bias.

Cast & Crew

Judge John Deed Martin Shaw
Jo Mills Jenny Seagrove
Sir Joseph Channing Donald Sinden
Sir Ian Rochester Simon Chandler
Rita `Coop' Cooper Barbara Thorn
Georgina Channing QC Caroline Langrishe
Charlie Deed Louisa Clein
Dr Mary Moon Leah Bracknell
Sir Peter Dulford Malcolm Sinclair
Peter Spence Charlie Kemp
Lizzy Meam Nicola Cowper
Dr Rudolph Hipman Grant Aylward
Sir Percy Thrower Clive Brill
Brian Harrison Michael Eaves
Mr Justice Niven TR Bowen
Simon Norwalk QC Daniel Hill
Major Dick Colby Liam McKenna
Lex Wetcote Christopher Staines
Ian McCartney Joe Shaw
PC Stephen Ashurst Dave Norman
Benjamin Cherry Adrian Christopher
Henry Door Spencer Burrows
Dr David Liffe Gyuri Sarossy
Beth Stalker Fiona Dunn
Brian Meam Nathan Sussex
Tom Sharp Louis Bayliss
Judy Darlow Jaq Croft
Supt Stephanie Gaghan Gaynor Barrett
WPC Griffith Nadine Marshall
WPC Berry Gina Murray
Reporter Wesley Theobald
Director Darcia Martin
Producer GF Newman
Writer GF Newman
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