Undertow - Part Two

Series 5 - Episode 6 Undertow - Part Two



I wish I could tell you the interweaving plotlines running though this whole series build to a satisfying climax tonight for the finale. But no, sorry. I find Banks’s grey, angry world more absorbing than it ought to be, but the way the script ducks its own challenge here is a shocker.

It’s as if you had watched a long build-up to a card trick and then at the end the magician simply handed you the pack and walked away to catch a bus. Very odd. But as Alison Graham has pointed out before now, some TV dramas seem to regard a decent ending as optional. Shame.


Conclusion. Officially on `gardening leave', Banks is forced to operate on the other side of the law for the first time, as he uses his years of experience to secure an all-important breakthrough in his mission to bring crime boss Steve Richards to justice. However, an unexpected turn of events pushes the grizzled DCI and his team back to square one, and Banks comes to understand a one-on-one confrontation may be his only chance to bring down Richards. Crime drama, starring Stephen Tompkinson. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

DCI Banks Stephen Tompkinson
DI Helen Morton Caroline Catz
DC Ken Blackstone Jack Deam
DC Vince Grady Samuel Anderson
Chief Supt Colin Anderson Shaun Dingwall
Arthur Banks Keith Barron
David Hornby Edward MacLiam
Steve Richards Shaun Dooley
Tamsin Richards Maimie McCoy
Malik Nadir Ace Bhatti
Stuart Colvin Patrick O'Kane
Jack Telford Andy Gathergood
Liz Telford Franc Ashman
Lawson Adelle Leonce
Cal Hutton David Maybrick
Director Mark Brozel
Executive Producer Andy Harries
Executive Producer Radford Neville
Producer Anne-Louise Russell
Writer Paul Logue
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