The Young Pope

Series 1 - Episode 1



From the start, Paolo Sorrentino’s mega-budget drama is like nothing else. The opening shot sees a baby crawling over a pile of other sleeping babies. Hang on – what? And from underneath this baby-mountain emerges… Jude Law in papal regalia.

A dream sequence, yes, and a memorable one, but then the rest of the opening double episode is dreamlike, too, dotted with stylised and surreal elements (a kangaroo here, a topless woman there) in a playful holy soup. It’s beautifully filmed, in cold marble interiors and clipped gardens, but it never lets us relax.

Law is the newly elected Pope Pius XIII. He invites Sister Mary (Diane Keaton), the nun who took him in as an orphan, to become his ally as he cuts through the papal bull with a mix of arrogance, charm and cigarette smoke. “Everything that is hidden from me, sooner or later, is revealed,” he warns, and as the Vatican intrigue unfolds, we hope for the same.


Drama telling the story of the fictional Pope Pius XIII, the Catholic Church's first American pontiff, as he struggles to establish his papacy. Starring Jude Law.

Cast & Crew

Pope Pius XIII Jude Law
Sister Mary Diane Keaton