Can of Worms

Series 11 - Episode 6 Can of Worms



Series 11 has had way more hits than misses and we end the run with a story that harks back to one of Red Dwarf’s most fondly remembered episodes: Polymorph. OK, so it’s not in quite the same league as that classic (but then again, neither are most episodes of any other sitcom), but this new encounter with the critters is still a winner. The plot sees Cat tangle with another Felis sapiens, only to rue his exploits when it turns out she’s actually one of the notorious shape-shifting aliens. The result is that Cat is left in fear of a John Hurt-style birthing scene after being impregnated with several eggs.

Now, technology may have come a long way since we first met the Polymorphs, but you’ll be heartened to know that the biggest laughs still come thanks to the same simple SFX that sees them transform into ridiculous everyday objects.


In the final episode of the series, Cat takes time off from being in love with himself to fall head over heels in love with a lady Cat with a big secret. Sci-fi comedy, starring Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules and Chris Barrie.

Cast & Crew

Cat Danny John-Jules
Kryten Robert Llewellyn
Arnold Rimmer Chris Barrie
Dave Lister Craig Charles
Drama Sitcom