The Level

Series 1 - Episode 4



I like the way this serpentine crime drama ties its heroine, semi-bent detective Nancy, in increasingly tortuous knots. She already has the problem of working a case where the missing murder witness, the one the whole of Brighton CID are searching for, is in fact her – something she has managed to keep secret, so far.

Now she suggests to her boss that to help crack the case maybe she, Nancy, could pretend to be a bent copper to win the trust of local villain Duncan Elliot (the satisfyingly old-school Geoff Bell) but not tell anyone else. Except, it turns out someone at the station is already in Elliot’s pocket. Wheels within wheels, but all very enjoyable.


As police comb the Le Saux haulage yard for clues, Nancy realises to her horror that she's left incriminating evidence at the scene. Worse follows when she learns her mother has gone missing from her psychiatric ward. In due course, as the shocking contents of the truck are revealed, the case seems close to being solved. However, Nancy knows there's more - and that the killer is still at large. Karla Crome, Robert James-Collier and Lindsey Coulson star.

Cast & Crew

Nancy Devlin Karla Crome
Hayley Svrcek Laura Haddock
Sean `Gunner' Martin Noel Clarke
Kevin O'Dowd Robert James-Collier
Michelle Newman Lindsey Coulson
Cherie Le Saux Amanda Burton
Shay Nash Joe Absolom
Duncan Elliot Geoff Bell
Gayle Vincent Jane Hazlegrove
Darryl Quinn Lorne MacFadyen
Teresa Devlin Suzanne Packer
Gil Devlin Gary Lewis
Julie Ruth Madeley
Sharad Nayer Ashley Kumar
DS Delaney Hara Yannas
Metropolitan Police officer Neil Reidman
Psychiatric nurse Alison Lintott
Solicitor Doug Allen
Director Mark Everest
Executive Producer Kate Norrish
Executive Producer Polly Leys
Producer Jane Dauncey
Writer Gaby Chiappe
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