George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

Series 6 - Episode 1



It’s a great week for anyone who loves luscious, envy-inducing houses. We’re not proud but there you go, it’s a harmless hobby. What with Grand Designs last night and George Clarke tonight, we’re in homes heaven.

The endlessly jovial Clarke, the man with the widest smile on television, spreads happiness and enthusiasm as he visits Devon and New Zealand. In Devon he sees an amazing tree house (these must be all the rage, a tree house was yesterday’s Grand Design build) that’s eco friendly and equipped with a spiral staircase and a sauna.

And in New Zealand he relishes an incredibly beautiful hilltop house with amazing views and a staggering bathtub.


The meets a pair of newlyweds who instead of a honeymoon spent their money on an old army truck, which they plan to transform into a mobile holiday home, and a master craftsman in Dorset making an eco-friendly luxury treehouse - complete with sauna, spiral staircase and even a slide. In New Zealand, George visits a hilltop beach house overlooking the Pacific, and as ever he and old friend Will Hardie embark on another series-long project - this time to build a gravity-defying, rotating home inspired by vintage sci-fi comics.

Cast & Crew

Presenter George Clarke
Director Louise Bartmann
Executive Producer Will Daws
Producer Louise Bartmann
Series Director James Howard