Series 1 - Episode 1



A mother pushes her son on a swing in a crowded playground. But a happy day is brought to a terrible end when a hooded man skulks into view and stabs the mum repeatedly, leaving her in a pool of blood.

It’s an admittedly grabbing opening few minutes from writer Bill Gallagher (who gave us the soft-centred Lark Rise to Candleford and The Paradise) at the start of his grim new thriller.

Paranoid is a strange thing, full of unpleasant characters, particularly the police officers who investigate the murder. Indira Varma does what she can with the role of Detective Nina Suresh, a whiny malcontent who melts down when her boyfriend dumps her. Who can blame him, she’s ghastly.

Of course, everyone has secrets, including nervy cop Bobby (Robert Glenister) who becomes over-friendly with a witness (Lesley Sharp).

There’s an odd, fractured feel to the whole thing and it’s just, well, weird.


The brutal murder of a local GP in a children's playground appears to be an open-and-shut case when a detectives Bobby Day, Nina Suresh and Alec Wayfield identify the killer on CCTV. But it quickly turns out that there is more to the crime than meets the eye. Conspiracy thriller, starring Robert Glenister, Indira Varma and Dino Fetscher as the investigating trio, with Lesley Sharp, Neil Stuke, John Duttine, Anji Monhindra and Jason Done.

Cast & Crew

Nina Suresh Indira Varma
Bobby Day Robert Glenister
Alec Wayfield Dino Fetscher
Michael Niles Neil Stuke
Linda Felber Christiane Paul
Lucy Cannonbury Lesley Sharp
Eric Benton John Duttine
PC Megan Waters Anjil Mohindra
Angela Benton Emma Bispham
Cedric Felber Daniel Drewes
Dennis Jason Done
Dr Crowley Michael Maloney
Dr Parcival Shobna Gulati
Henry Appley William Ash
Neighbour Alexis Platt
Luke Benton William Flanagan
Niko Felber Moritz Krapohl
Gerd Felber Ludger Bokelmann
Director Mark Tonderai
Executive Producer Nicola Shindler
Executive Producer Bill Gallagher
Producer Tom Sherry
Writer Bill Gallagher
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