A Little Bit of Heart - Part Two

Series 5 - Episode 4 A Little Bit of Heart - Part Two



We’ve already got the strong impression that DS Annie Cabbot’s marriage is not in good shape. Tonight she unburdens herself to her boss, confidante and soulmate, Banks, although the moment is coloured by the fact that Banks’s old dad (Keith Barron) is dozing in an armchair nearby.

Even so, we may have reached the point where Annie and Alan finally understand each other. There’s just the business of crime-solving to be attended to, as they try to work out whether a protection racket in the Chinese community was behind a violent kidnapping. It seems like a subdued sort of episode, but look out – there’s a sting in the tail.


The team is thrown when a recently rescued kidnap victim is found murdered, with evidence suggesting a local protection gang is to blame. However, apprehending the woman they suspect proves challenging, as witnesses know the price they will pay for talking to the police. Meanwhile, Banks discovers a long-buried secret. Crime drama, starring Stephen Tompkinson, Andrea Lowe and Caroline Catz.

Cast & Crew

DCI Banks Stephen Tompkinson
DS Annie Cabbot Andrea Lowe
DI Helen Morton Caroline Catz
DC Ken Blackstone Jack Deam
DC Vince Grady Samuel Anderson
Chief Supt Colin Anderson Shaun Dingwall
Arthur Banks Keith Barron
Dr Justin Wallace John Bowler
Chang Li Orion Lee
Bo Li Michael Phong Le
Wei Li Naomi Christie
Rachel Li Lucy Gaskell
Xun Li David KS Tse
Lilly Rundle Alice May Feetham
Mark Rundle David McCreedy
Wendy Xiao Stacy Liu
Director Craig Pickles
Executive Producer Andy Harries
Executive Producer Radford Neville
Producer Anne-Louise Russell
Writer Nick Hicks-Beach
Writer Peter Robinson
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