It Was Alright in the 1970s

It Was Alright in the 1970s

Series 3



The views expressed in 70s TV programmes – whether on homosexuality, women, punk or racism – are downright shocking now. As Barry Cryer says after one clip, “You can’t believe what you’re listening to! The sheer prejudice!” Also having their hackles raised are Janet Street-Porter, Tom Robinson, Samira Ahmed and numerous observers who weren’t even born in the 70s.

The clips, whether from docs or comedies, are priceless: think Patrick Moore dressed as a punk, and John Peel in a studio audience of geriatrics discussing the dangers of pot.

You’ll shriek in horror, weep in outrage and gasp in disbelief. You’ll also realise that in many ways we haven’t moved on that much.


Matt Lucas narrates another look back at TV shows from the 1970s, focusing on the comedies, documentaries and public information films that made people so anxious 40-plus years ago. Some of the famous shows covered include Man Alive and Brass Tacks, as well as The Goodies taking on the police and June Whitfield burning her bra. The show features first-hand accounts from the people who were making telly at the time, including Barry Cryer, Janet Street-Porter and Bill Oddie.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Matt Lucas
Executive Producer Deborah Sargeant
Executive Producer Toby Stevens
Series Producer Jo Scott