The X Factor

The X Factor

Episode 7



The X Factor journey may be a well-trodden path, but it’s still addictive. We clearly love to be incensed by the familiar allegations of fixing, second-time-around auditionees, ear-bleedingly bad performances and jaw-droppingly brilliant ones. Not to mention the sob stories that make even Sharon Osbourne’s bottom lip quiver, ghastly “spontaneous” melodramas (Ottavio and Bradley’s ludicrously emotional “chicken spat” being a classic), tantrums and general weirdness.

It looks as though judges Louis Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger, Mrs O and Simon Cowell are thoroughly enjoying it, too. Remarkable considering how many auditions they must have sat through in their time.

But this weekend we move on to Alexandra Palace in London for boot camp, the arduous and lengthy procedure (for the contestants at least) where the chaff is theoretically sorted from the wheat. Although, as always, you can guarantee a few oddball acts will make it through to the Six Chair Challenge.


The room auditions draw to a close, with one final selection of hopeful pop icons facing Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne. With the first stage of the contest over, the judges prepare to get down to the gritty business of putting their would-be stars through Boot Camp. Relocating from the rural idyll of Watford's Grove Hotel, the Boot Camp will take place at Alexandra Palace this year, and it is here that the contestants will receive the mentoring required to transform them into tomorrow's pop super-stars.

Cast & Crew

Host Dermot O'Leary
Judge Louis Walsh
Judge Nicole Scherzinger
Judge Simon Cowell
Judge Sharon Osbourne
Executive Producer Mark Sidaway
Executive Producer Lee McNicholas
Series Producer Paula Thomas
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