Air Crash Investigation

9/11: The Plane That Hit the Pentagon

Series 15 - Episode 2 9/11: The Plane That Hit the Pentagon



Even 15 years on, CCTV footage of the moment a Boeing 757 crashes into the Pentagon on the clear, sunny morning of 11 September still shocks.

In this typically brisk documentary the cruelly truncated journey of American Airlines Flight 77 is tracked through interviews with experts and eye witnesses. There are the usual faintly ropey reconstructions featuring actors pretending to be terrified, but it’s a concisely told story of lamentable airport security and a concerted wave of attacks that no one saw coming.

As one FBI boss bullishly puts it: “It was a win for the bad guys and we can’t let that happen again.”


Special episode focusing on the plane that targeted the Pentagon during the 2001 terrorist attack and the subsequent FBI investigation into the hijacking.