People Just Do Nothing


Series 3 - Episode 6 Valentimes



There are potentially double the listeners for Kurupt FM, while duty calls for Beats when Roche goes into labour. Steves has plans with his Nan, leaving Grindah to run the station, and Miche wonders whether there is any chance of her getting back together with her ex.

Cast & Crew

Grindah Allan Mustafa
Beats Hugo Chegwin
Chabuddy G Asim Chaudhry
Steves Steve Stamp
Decoy Daniel Sylvester Woolford
Michelle Lily Brazier
Roche Ruth Bratt
Craig George Keywood
Jackie Cally Lawrence
Angel Olivia Jasmine Edwards
Tia Petra Letang
Peter Richard Tate
Tanya Tiff Stevenson
Fantasy Marvin Jay Alvarez
Steves' Nan Pamela Lyne
Director Jack Clough
Executive Producer Ash Atalla
Producer Jon Petrie
Writer Steve Stamp
Writer Allan Mustafa
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