National Treasure

National Treasure

Series 1 - Episode 2



Andrea Riseborough is extraordinary as Dee, “national treasure” Paul Finchley’s desperately damaged ex-addict daughter. There’s a coruscating scene that made me flinch between her and her mother (the great Julie Walters) at an excruciating birthday party.

Finchley (Robbie Coltrane) himself sometimes seems like a lost soul but at others he’s calm and on the front foot, such as going on the radio to be interviewed by [the real] Victoria Derbyshire about the historic sex assault allegations that swirl around him.

How much is true we don’t yet know, though Dee has flashbacks to her younger self that hint at dangerous waters at home in that big, loveless house. But Jack Thorne’s clever, harrowing script keeps things deliberately foggy.


Paul and his family have to deal with the pressure of mounting allegations against him, and Dee confronts her former babysitter, Christina, now one of the star's accusers. Marie is rattled to discover she was away on the nights Paul is accused of assaulting her, and the accused gives a radio interview, determined to put his side of the story. Drama, starring Robbie Coltrane and Julie Walters.

Cast & Crew

Dee Andrea Riseborough
Young Dee Cara Barton
Christina Susan Lynch
Paul Robbie Coltrane
Marie Julie Walters
Jerome Babou Ceesay
DI Palmer Nadine Marshall
Gerry Mark Lewis Jones
Young Paul Trystan Gravelle
Young Marie Lucy Speed
Young Christina Ruby Serkis
Billy William Wright-Neblett
Frances Renaee-Mya Warden
Dave Johann Myers
Dan Graeme Hawley
Karl Tim McInnerny
Herself Victoria Derbyshire
Receptionist Vicki Hackett
Director Marc Munden
Producer John Chapman
Writer Jack Thorne
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