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The Fall

Series 3 - Episode 1



When we last saw Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson she was cradling Belfast Strangler Paul Spector in a wood after he’d been shot, yelling, “We’re losing him!”

The fact that, two years on The Fall is back for a third series is a fair indication that we haven’t lost him, not yet anyway. Picking up exactly where we left off we are plunged into an exhausting, harrowing opening episode as medical staff at a Belfast hospital fight to save the monster’s life.

He’s grievously wounded but hanging on, while inside his own mind he’s in a tunnel, going towards the light. Ah, the most dusty clichés are clearly always the best.

Gillian Anderson is, of course, tremendous as cool Stella, never raising her voice and looking a bit tearful as she tries to hang on to her world. But her pusillanimous bosses are worried, there’s a “media feeding frenzy”. Isn’t there always?


Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan return in the dark thriller about a game of cat and mouse between a senior detective and a serial killer. Stella Gibson has finally arrested Paul Spector, but he has been shot by jealous husband James Tyler, leaving the staff at Belfast General Hospital battling to save his life. As the shooting hits the news, the powers-that-be question Gibson's handling of the case, while Spector's young partner-in-crime Katie plots to help him. With Richard Coyle, Aisling Franciosi and Aisling Bea.

Cast & Crew

Stella Gibson Gillian Anderson
Paul Spector Jamie Dornan
DS Anderson Colin Morgan
Katie Benedetto Aisling Franciosi
Rose Stagg Valene Kane
Sally Ann Spector Bronagh Waugh
Dr O'Donnell Richard Coyle
Nurse Sheridan Aisling Bea
Dr Spencer Barry Ward
Tom Stagg Jonjo O'Neill
ACC Burns John Lynch
Dr Doyle Vanessa Emme
Nurse Nixon Cathy White
Nurse Lyle Amy Molloy
DC McNally Bronagh Taggart
Dr Perry Michael Johnston
Nurse Catherwood Stefan Dunbar
Dr Morton Kelly Campbell
CC Franks Patrick Fitzsymons
Jnr Dr McLeary Sophie Harkness
Olivia Spector Sarah Beattie
Liam Spector David Beattie
PC Hagstrom Kelly Gough
CC Goodall Julia Dearden
Dr Lucas Hugh O'Conor
Dr King Shashi Rami
Dean Tara Lynne O'Neill
Nurse Gregory Emma Little
Lisa Benedetto Lacy Moore
Daisy Drake Tara Lee
RRV paramedic Michael Ford-FitzGerald
Old lady Barbara Adair
Director Allan Cubitt
Producer Gub Neal
Producer Carol Moorhead
Writer Allan Cubitt
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