Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!

Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!

Series 4 - Episode 11

Thu 14 Nov 7pm - 8pm 5STAR
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Wednesday, 11am - 12pm 5Spike


In south London, father-and-son team Del and Dael Anglin face death threats from a debtor's father, after arriving at a property to collect a debt of over £3,500. Meanwhile, in east London, two agents are confronted with a tenant who claims to have had no prior warning that he is being evicted from his tiny bedsit. Del and Brian try to recover £6,000 owed by a London hotel to a catering supply company, and Paul and Steve must tackle a difficult eviction.

Cast & Crew

Director Kevin Nightingale-Jones
Director David Rea
Executive Producer Malcolm Brinkworth
Executive Producer Charlie Clay
Series Producer Anna Kelvie