Suspects: The Enemy Within

Suspects: The Enemy Within

Series 5



These cops are such a laughably inept bunch, doing stupid, illegal things, blabbing about undercover operations and generally behaving like actors without a script. Oh, hang on, Suspects is heavily improvised…

And it shows. It’s a conceit that can be taken only so far – as it is, the audience is always a couple of steps ahead of the cops as they have yet another huddled and supposedly secret conversation on that grim, windblown balcony.

Tonight a body is found under a patio after an anonymous tip-off. It could be Sarah Kramer, missing for eight years. The crooked DCI is clearly trying to cover his backside as his team witter on around him.


When the body of a young woman who went missing eight years ago is found after an anonymous tip-off, the case is reopened and Gary makes a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Jack finds a link to Martha's murder. Crime drama, starring Damien Molony and Clare-Hope Ashitey.

Cast & Crew

DS Jack Weston Damien Molony
DS Charlie Steele Clare-Hope Ashitey
DCI Daniel Drummond James Murray
DS Alisha Brooks Lenora Crichlow
DC Gary Roscoe Perry Fitzpatrick
Joseph Kramer Paul Copley
Ed Goddard Philip Martin Brown
Director Steve Hughes
Executive Producer Paul Marquess
Series Producer Kara Manley
Writer Emma Goodwin
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