Duck Quacks Don't Echo

Ross Kemp, Bob Mortimer, Sara Cox

Series 5 - Episode 1 Ross Kemp, Bob Mortimer, Sara Cox

Fri 29 Nov 3am - 4am Sky Two
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Mon 2 Dec, 3am - 4am Sky Two


A fifth series for Lee Mack’s fun fact-fest. Celebrity guests – here they’re Ross Kemp, Sara Cox and Bob Mortimer – take turns to read out scientific claims that sound wild, but prove not to be: that water balloons can stop a bullet, for instance, or that two toothbrushes linked at the bristles form a bond strong enough to lift a man off the ground.

A panel of experts chips in with verification and explanation, and the studio audience gets involved too, but it’s Mack’s show. His quips survive what in truth is a rather cumbersome vehicle for them.


Lee Mack hosts the return of the panel game in which guests reveal their favourite facts, which are then tested to see if they are scientifically accurate, with Ross Kemp, Bob Mortimer and Sara Cox joining him for the first edition.