Ellie Simmonds - Swimming with Dolphins

Ellie Simmonds: Swimming with Dolphins

Episode 1 Ellie Simmonds: Swimming with Dolphins



Dynamic Paralympic gold medal swimmer Ellie Simmonds has long nurtured a dream to swim with dolphins. But first she must conquer her fear of the open ocean.

This may sound odd, considering Ellie’s remarkable abilities, but it’s a big, hostile environment for her, until she’s taken under the wing of a South African free diver.

Ellie, who has genetic condition achondroplasia dwarfism, travels to Mozambique, stopping along the way to take a look at some elephants. Everything is new and interesting to her – and her excitement almost sings. She’s even thrilled about the long flight to Johannesburg.

It’s a fairly straightforward dream-come-true documentary, narrated by Martin Clunes, but Simmonds, who wants to touch the sand on the seabed, is a doughty and inspirational young woman, with a determination to achieve.


The gold-medal winning Paralympic athlete takes a rare break in her extensive training regime to fulfil a childhood dream - to swim with wild dolphins. Since the moment she first learned to swim at the age of three, Ellie has been inspired by the prospect of one day taking to the water alongside these ocean-bound mammals. However, an intense fear of open water means she has never dived in the ocean. Now, she sets out on a journey to conquer her phobias, one that takes her from Cardigan Bay in Wales to southern Mozambique, and the coastal waters of Ponta do Ouro. Along the way, she offers swimming lessons to young orphans, meets champion free-diver Hanli Prinsloo, and has an unexpected encounter with migrating humpback whales.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ellie Simmonds
Narrator Martin Clunes
Director Simon Nash
Executive Producer Franny Moyle
Producer Simon Nash