Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


Series 11 - Episode 5 Hardwired



All of the SVU stories are distressing but this one – about a paedophile society – is a real stomach-turner, especially when the society’s president stands up in court and blithely argues that his sexual preference for pre-pubescent girls is no different to homosexuals and inter-racial couples.

The story starts with two mothers brawling outside school after one accuses the other one’s son of molesting her child. It doesn’t take long for suspicion to fall, inevitably, on the boy’s stepfather.


Benson and Stabler investigate a reported case of child abuse, but are faced with a dilemma when the prime suspect - the victim's stepfather - offers to reveal the identity of a controversial civil rights group's leader in exchange for an amnesty. Guest starring Jim True-Frost (The Wire) and Garret Dillahunt (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles).

Cast & Crew

Det Olivia Benson Mariska Hargitay
Det Elliot Stabler Christopher Meloni
Capt Donald Cragen Dann Florek
Det John Munch Richard Belzer
Kim Greylek Michaela McManus
Det Odafin `Fin' Tutuola Ice-T
ME Melinda Warner Tamara Tunie
Evan Banks Rosie Perez
Kevin O'Donnell Garret Dillahunt
Thomas Banks Jim True-Frost
Cory Banks Cruz Santiago
Tony Accardo Mitchell Jarvis
Director David Platt
Executive Producer Ann Donahue
Executive Producer Carol Mendelsohn
Executive Producer Anthony E Zuiker
Executive Producer Jerry Bruckheimer
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