Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony



How was it for you? For most of us (those not fuming at the loss of beloved BBC4 for two weeks) Rio 2016 has tossed up a pick-and-mix of ringing moments and near misses, triumphs and flameouts: it’s been anything but dull.

Sure, the coverage has frustrated at times, hopping between channels and confusing live and near-live action, but for the most part it has made (at the time of writing) addictive, uplifting television, with that thrill you only get from the Olympics of discovering a hitherto unsuspected fascination with judo, omnium, double trap, pole vault – whatever.

Now, South America’s first Games bow out in a blaze of pyrotechnics and pass the baton to Tokyo for 2020. With any luck Pelé will be fit to headline the closing ceremony, bring the curtain down on sport’s biggest festival, and leave us in the hands of the BBC’s editors for one last tear-jerking music montage.


Clare Balding presents as the Games of the XXXI Olympiad reach their conclusion in the traditional closing ceremony, live from the Maracana in Rio. After more than two weeks of tense and exciting competition that will live long in the memory, the athletes can now relax as their achievements are recognised and celebrated in spectacular fashion. The ceremony includes the official handover to Tokyo, hosts of the 2020 Summer Olympics, before the Games are declared closed and the flame is extinguished.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Clare Balding
Director Sally Richardson
Producer Alastair McIntyre