To Burn in Every Drop of Blood - Part Two

Series 5 - Episode 2 To Burn in Every Drop of Blood - Part Two



It’s time DCI Alan Banks booked a few anger management courses because his fuse is short and fizzing. He’s at his worst while interviewing suspects – the very time when he should be calm and not showing his hand.

In the concluding episode of a two-part story, Banks and the team return to that sad spot in the woods, the shrine to a young girl who took her own life. There’s another death and yet more questions.

Alan (Stephen Tompkinson) can’t even take comfort from his personal life and his nice girlfriend. She means well when she arranges a dinner party and invites DS Annie Cabott and her husband. But, oh, the tension.


Part two of two. When a woman commits suicide, her grieving father relies on violence to procure answers as he investigates his daughter's death. She left a note confessing to Damon Horsley's murder, but Banks is suspicious, and his hunch is confirmed when it appears that the woman's death is not a simple suicide and someone else may have been involved. The pressure is on as the team gathers evidence and tries to solve two murders. Crime drama, starring Stephen Tompkinson, Andrea Lowe, Caroline Catz and Jack Deam.

Cast & Crew

DCI Banks Stephen Tompkinson
DS Annie Cabbot Andrea Lowe
DI Helen Morton Caroline Catz
DC Ken Blackstone Jack Deam
DC Vince Grady Samuel Anderson
Chief Supt Colin Anderson Shaun Dingwall
Steve Richards Shaun Dooley
Tamsin Richards Maimie McCoy
Kat Richards Rosie Sheehy
Malik Nadir Ace Bhatti
David Hornby Edward MacLiam
Dr Justin Wallace John Bowler
Jess McAllistair Shereen Martin
Alice Finn Clare Calbraith
Kyle Finn Freddie Watkins
Charlie Franklin Emmanuel Ighodaro
Nathan Horsley Paul Adeyefa
Director Robert Quinn
Executive Producer Andy Harries
Executive Producer Radford Neville
Producer Anne-Louise Russell
Writer Nick Hicks-Beach
Writer Peter Robinson
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