Armed and Deadly: Police UK

Armed and Deadly: Police UK

Series 1 - Episode 1

Fri 14 Aug 11pm - 12am Paramount Network
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Wed 19 Aug, 12am - 1am Paramount Network


Is there really room in the TV schedules for another reality cop show? Well, as Alan Partridge said while trying to get his idea for a detective show commissioned, “People like them, so let’s make more of them.”

The difference here is that officers are encouraged to explore the psychological and emotional effects of their life-and-death decisions, and explain how their repercussions become etched onto their everyday lives. Protagonists include a police marksman who found himself charged with murder, and the senior officers who tracked down and ensnared high-profile fugitive Raoul Moat.


Last year, the UK's armed police officers out more than 16,000 operations in England and Wales, dealing with marauding fugitives, organised criminals, tense hostage situations and the ever-increasing threat of terrorism. This programme follows operations carried out by armed response teams, combining real footage from the missions with news coverage of the aftermath, and testimony from the officers themselves.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Rick Murray
Series Director Benjamin Hirsch
Series Producer Darrell Brown